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Q. What is RCD Protection?

A Residual Current Device (RCD) is a must have safety device which switches electricity of in a fraction of a second if you get an electric shock.  Old fuse boxes don’t have RCDs and can take significantly longer to switch off electricity - the difference between life and death.

Q. Will I need any other work doing if my electrics are old?

A It’s unlikely you will need any other work doing just because your electrics are old. The most common additional work that may be required is earth bonding.  It is mandatory under UK wiring rules that earth bonding is present before any electrical work can be undertaken. Earth bonding costs no more than £50.

Q. How much will it cost to install a Modern Consumer unit with RCD Protection?

A Fusebox UK offer a fantastically competitive price of £330 for the installation of a standard Consumer Unit with RCD Protection.  Not only is our price lower than most other electricians, because we are no ordinary electrical contractor and only install new consumer units you are guaranteed an expert service.  Our professional staff and excellent customer service ensure we are the best value for money installer on the market.

The price is £330 in the vast majority of cases, the only exception being if your house has 5 or more bedrooms.  Please call 0845 521 3343 for a quote if this applies to you.

Q. How long will it take to install a new consumer unit with RCD Protection?

A For any standard installation the job should take no more than 3 to 4 hours.

Q. Will I need to redecorate after having a new consumer unit installed?

A It is very unlikely you will need any redecoration after the installation as the new consumer unit that will replace your old fuse box is physically bigger in size.

Q. Does my new consumer unit come with any guarantee?

A Fusebox UK guarantee all work free for one year and will provide you with a free test report and certificate with all work.  (However, it is important your electrics are checked regularly so we offer a full annual check and RCD test for just £48 per year, or £3.99 per month, if you wish to spread the payments.  Call us to arrange this on 0845 521 3343)

Here are some real life stories highlighting the dangers of electricity and the importance of RCD Protection. (click here to view videos)
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